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The Spanish Process

The Spanish Process In the Asamblea Nacional Española we call the Spanish Process the road map that we want to carry out in order to achieve a dissolution of the Autonomies and the creation of a new State model.

To start this process, we must first establish the public debate on the dissolution of the autonomies in Spanish society. How will we do it? We intend to do it in a mediatic way, with debates and interviews in the media. With presentations and lectures explaining our process and why the Autonomies should be dissolved.

The Spanish Process, dissolution of the autonomies and new territorial model

Once the debate and the confirmation that it is a popular clamor and a desire of a large part of the Spanish citizens are established, we will proceed to deposit a Collective Petition in the Cortes Generales, so that a constitutional reform can be initiated by the deputies. We intend to collect the maximum number of signatures to support this request, so that it can exert more effective pressure on the parliamentary groups. You can read and support it by clicking here.

In the event that a parliamentary group believes it necessary to undertake this start of Constitutional Reform in order to hold a referendum for the dissolution of the Autonomies. There would be a vote in the Congress of Constitutional Reform Deputies that should be approved by 66% of the Deputies.

In case that the Constitutional Reform was approved, a Referendum for the repeal of the Autonomies would be carried out. In order for the Autonomies to dissolve, you would have to vote Yes by 50% plus one vote, at least. If this is not the case, the current Autonomous State will continue.

If the Referendum for the dissolution of the Autonomies, went ahead with the suppression of the Autonomous State, a new territorial model would have to be applied. From the Asamblea Nacional Española, we are committed to a single but decentralized State that will concentrate the most important competences but could delegate some competences in the provincial departments that assume a policy of proximity with the citizen.

The Spanish Process

The Spanish Process