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09.11.2018 Ane News

The Asamblea Nacional Española is born

The Asamblea Nacional Española is born. On July 23, 2018 in Premiá de Mar (Barcelona) its 3 founding partners are Miguel Martínez Velasco, Pau Guix Pérez and Paula Fiestras Casillas to found the Asamblea Nacional Española. A proudly European and proudly Spanish association that wants to face the threats of populism and nationalism.

The ANE (Asamblea Nacional Española) was presented to the National Register of Associations on July 24, 2018. On October 2, 2018, it was registered in the National Registry of Associations.

The Asamblea Nacional Española is born on July 23, 2018

In the Founding Board, held on July 23, 2018, Miguel Martínez was elected as President of the association, Pau Guix elected as Vice President and Paula Fiestras Casillas as secretary of the association. The three were in charge of establishing the Spanish National Assembly.

In article 3 of the statutes of the ANE (ASAMBLEA NACIONAL ESPAÑOLA) the purposes of our association appear:

The aims of the ASAMBLEA NACIONAL ESPAÑOLA will be:

a) Encouraging the participation of citizens in the media of social communication whenever they tend to the promotion and dissemination of the idea that any recognition, by any means, of the values ​​of EQUALITY among Spanish citizens, VERACITY of historical, economic and journalistic information , PLURALITY of individual or collective political ideology and FREEDOM to exercise the rights that assist us as citizens of the Kingdom of Spain.

b) Facilitate the relationship and communication among our associates.

c) Promote and encourage the meeting with professionals and businessmen, as well as other associations, foundations and non-profit entities, for the fulfillment of the purposes of our association.

d) Promote and promote productivity and the repopulation of rural areas of the Kingdom of Spain

e) Active participation in the field of social networks and mass media.

f) Promote, disseminate and defend the convenience, necessity, usefulness and convenience for the Common Good of a united Spain within the European Union and of a democratic and plural Europe, this unity and solidarity being an essential guarantee of the effective exercise of our civic rights and inalienable framework of coexistence and freedom.

g) Promote the bonds of brotherhood of the Kingdom of Spain with the rest of the Ibero-American countries

If you want to know more about our Association, you can consult our statutes. ANE STATUTES.

Nace la Asamblea Nacional Española

Nace la Asamblea Nacional Española

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