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+Spanishness. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” wants to promote and disseminate +Spanishness, both in Spain and in the rest of Ibero-American countries. The close ties that unite us have to create bridges of understanding that lead us to a strong union among the diverse peoples that encompass Spanishness

Fight against populisms in Latin America. Some populisms in Latin America are destroying countries rich in materials. But even richer in its people, which is plunging into absolute poverty, while its leaders do not hesitate to subject the people in their fundamental freedoms. From the “Asamblea Nacional Española” we will try to contribute our bit to end these populisms.

Disseminate cooperation projects. To make known to the Spanish and the rest of the Ibero-American countries, the operations and joint projects that are carried out, among the companies of our different countries. Support with diffusion and promotion those companies that want to ‘cross the pond’ in one or another direction.

+Spanishness, closer ties with the rest of Ibero-American countries

Highlight our common past. There is nothing better than highlighting what unites us than what separates us. La Hispanidad is an integrated concept that seeks the union of all the peoples that have had a Hispanic past and that today enrich this concept with its diversity. From the “Asamblea Nacional Española” we want that common past to continue tightening the bonds.

Support for young American talent. Young Ibero-Americans are talented and deserve our maximum support. That is why we will help to promote and disseminate all those projects that are carried out in favor of Spanishness.

Cooperate against associations. We want to cooperate with all those associations that promote Spanishness, in Ibero-American towns. Creating a network of associations that ‘cross the pond’ to have a great coordination to exponentially make our projects more effective.