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+ Spain. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” aims to improve the life and services that the Spanish State should give to the Spanish. To do this, in + Spain, we intend to provide Spaniards with tools so that they have a direct participation in the Spanish Democracy.

The “Asamblea Nacional Española” considers in its statutes that it works so that Spanish society is a country of free and equal citizens. The privileges that have certain autonomies have caused a deterioration of the equalities in the country. The fact that the tax burden is not equal, depending on which autonomy is lived, the non-choice to be able to study in the Spanish language in certain areas of Spain or that the electoral law is not based on a person’s vote, have caused profound inequalities among Spaniards.

+ Spain, a country of free and equal citizens

Support for workers and the self-employed. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” is aware of the precariousness of working conditions in Spain. Being our country, one of the countries of the European Union with the lowest minimum interprofessional salary. We want to implement measures to improve working conditions. The drama of self-employed workers and small businesses subjected to a huge tax burden, we have to take action in this regard. We pay the highest autonomous worker rate in Europe.

Repopulation of rural areas of Spain. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” intends a plan of shock for the repopulation of the rural areas of Spain. Provide services and infrastructure so that young people see attractive living in these rural areas and develop a common project with their family. The project of the European Union ‘Smart Villages’ we want to promote it and make it known so that we can empower the rural world.

The Spanish Historiography. The story of a malicious Spanish History by the nationalisms and populisms that plague Spain. They have caused an ignorance of the History of our country that has deeply penetrated our society. From the “Asamblea Nacional Española” we propose together with other associations, to hold conferences, forums and activities for a correct and truthful explanation of the History of Spain. Always governed by a spirit of absolute objectivity.

Interasociational coordination. We want a close collaboration with the rest of the associations that exist in Spain and that want a strong and united Spain within the European Union. That is why we will propose the meeting and the consensus of the maximum possible organizations to be able to make specific agreements in which we can work together to defend our democracy and constitutional values.

Promote Talent. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” wants to promote and help as much as possible those people who initiate projects for the development of Spain. Therefore, he proposes the creation of a working group of young and dynamic people who contribute ideas and projects in commitment to their country.