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+ International. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” wants to promote, promote and disseminate its projects abroad, not only in Spain or Europe but we want to do it all over the world. For any process or project carried out by our association, be as internationalized and disseminated as possible. For this we need the help of the Spaniards who are abroad and want to contribute a grain of sand to end the nationalisms and populisms that haunt us.

Create ANE delegations. The delegations abroad, will allow us to transfer the messages of our projects outside our borders, in any of the 193 remaining countries, recognized in the United Nations. To the delegations abroad, those Spaniards that live in the country that want to open the delegation may choose to direct them. You only need to have some time, to coordinate with us and provide them with the necessary story to extend our Spanish process.

+ International, ANE delegations will allow us to internationalize our process

Promote the “Marca España”. Make known in all Ibero-American countries, the projects carried out by the “Marca España”. We have to give a lot of support and diffusion to all the initiatives that start from the Marca España.

Fight the Black Legend. From the “Asamblea Nacional Española” we want to fight, the false propagandistic and malicious history of the Black Legend. For this we will try to hold conferences with our delegations abroad to tell the History of Spain, from an objective viewpoint.

Collaboration in projects with Spanish diplomacy. We believe that one of the weakest points has not been to have a powerful story in our diplomacy that would allow us to give a twist to the bad propaganda maliciously by the Catalan nationalism in recent times. We want to provide these embassies and consulates with stories to combat nationalisms and populisms.