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+ Europe. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” is an association committed to the European Union. After 61 years of its foundation, European values ​​are more in danger than ever. The disproportionate rise of nationalisms and populisms that spread across Europe put at risk, the great work of cohesion carried out by the European institutions in all these years. We want the 27 member states of the European Union to remain united, projecting the European dream to all Europeans.

Promotion of the European Union. We have to identify more Spanish society with the European project. In our country as in other member-states, the necessary diffusion is not being given so that the citizen sees the project as his own. We need to bring the European institutions closer to the people, so they know the great tool that is the European Union.

+ Europe, to combat nationalisms and populisms

Combat the nationalpopulism in Europe. The “Asamblea Nacional Española” has an unwavering commitment to fight against the nationalisms and populisms that plague Europe. The association wants there to be a common front of European citizens fighting the nationalist and populist interference aimed at the destruction of the European Union.

Fiscal unification. A strong and united European Union has to promote fiscal equality among all Europeans. The fiscal inequalities between the member states cause that there are citizens of the European Union with a low tax burden, while the citizens of other member states have an excessive tax burden.

Elimination of Tax Havens. Undoubtedly, one of the proposals of the Spanish National Assembly, is that the European Union remains one of the institutions that press more for the disappearance of tax havens. With an inescapable commitment so that no member state has any fiscal Paradise.

Fight the Brexit with the BreIN. We want the United Kingdom to remain part of the European Union. We also want it because more than 700,000 people (mostly young) demonstrated in the streets of London to demand that there is no exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union. The populist leaders of the Brexit have confessed that they lied to get the exit of the European Union out. So with the ANE delegation of the United Kingdom of the “Asamblea Nacional Española” we will support for the British to remain in the European Union.

Creation of the “Brain European Talent”. Creation of a delegation of young Europeans who carry out projects that encourage the cooperation of Europeans and extend the projects of the European Union. We believe that it is necessary for young Europeans to promote a United and Democratic Europe based on plurality, equality and truthfulness